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Organic Horizons Inc. is an established importer & supplier of quality natural and organic products since 1988. Our brand lineup includes Harvest Sun, Wild Country, Vivani, iChoc, and Halva.

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  • Harvest Sun

    Harvest Sun

    Harvest Sun has blended organic ingredients with sustainable farming to create wholesome products for your pantry. Packed full of incrediable flavour.

  • Wild Country

    Wild Country

    Wild Country's unique lineup of Canadian Honeys's and Organic Tea's will sweeten your life and warm your soul.

  • Vivani


    Premium quality, Mouth-watering, Award winning, Oganic chocolate from Germany. No emulsifiers. Vivani chocolate is Direct Traded. No Child Salvery!

  • iChoc


    iChoc. Music for your mouth! The new chocolate look for a next generation. Eye popping packaging and amazing flavour choices make this one a hit!

  • Halva


    Halva Organic Black Licorice. From Finland the sweet treat that is fat-free and has a positive effect on your health!